How can we encourage children to do math?

How can we encourage

children to do math?

Maths is like a play

Maths is like a play, a brainstorming game

Have you ever wonder how simply numbers 0 to 9 play around and do wonders. The whole idea about liking anything or to create your child’s interest in doing something is like sprouting a seed into the brain and slowly watering it so that it grows naturally.

M – Master

A – Attaining

T – Technical

H – Heights

Interest in maths

Interest in maths should be developed in children during early hood. Parents should engage children questioning different calculations to be done in a story form during light conversations. This would help them brainstorm and likely to develop inclination towards it.

Strong positive attitude

First and foremost parents need to develop a strong positive attitude towards maths and their children. They could encourage them in lot many ways.

Maths could not be learned in a day, it requires constant practice every day. Therefore parents should keep a track of the assignments to be done every day. Once they get started showing positive results.

Encourage them

Encourage them by giving a test to be done within a specified time slot and you could also reward them with a surprise gift on achieving the task. There is one thing to keep in mind that as parents you should know the level of skills applicable at every age. So that it is easier for you to set the standards and moreover it would create a healthy relationship with your child.

Match up to your standards

If you set your standards high and your child could not match up to your standards, you both will get disheartened. The other way is to monitor your children’s homework. Are they doing it correctly and completing it. Also check what remarks your child gets on assessment done by the teachers.

Pay little attention

Try and pay little attention to details like you set off distractions while they are studying maths. Be specific about the routine time of doing it. It will make them scheduled while sharpening the skills.

Playing math games

Set some time playing math games with your children. Games like chess, cribbage, checkers etc. help brainstorm their mind. It is a natural way of implanting an extraordinary inclination towards maths of your child. Motivate them to read books of maths subject for example: One Hundred Angry Ants by Ellinor J. Pinczes, etc.

Fun learning subject

Tell your children that it’s not merely a subject. It is lot more. It is fun learning subject beyond every subject which will help develop skills and makes their brain sharper and stronger. Make it a play for them with continuous support and encouragement. Children would definitely love to create an interest in maths as you show love towards them and the play like subject known as Maths.

Be a parent. Be a tutor. Be a friend. Be a player. Be a competitor. Be a guide. Be a motivator. Be generous.

And your child would definitely master skills/maths attaining technical heights and extra-ordinary growth in their future!

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