How to set intelligent goals with Math?

How to set intelligent

goals with Math?

True Achiever is Passionate.

True Achiever is Passionate. Passion inculcates focused mind, hard core organization, deep determination within the human mind.

In this competitive world to achieve success you need to build a technical approach/goal towards your passion. Building a technical approach requires skill and strategy to apply before you start studying.

Significance of Goals

Setting goals or building technical approach to study is important. It creates add-on value to your success. It is you to you strategy. You develop standards, make targets for yourself

and it is you only who conspire to achieve those targets. It makes you organized, focused and competent within you first and then to the competitive world.

Capabilities and goals

Set long term and short term goals, specific and ultimate goals. Set targets/goals that are realistic in nature. If you set unrealistic goals it will probably be difficult for you to achieve at one go.

Start accomplishing those goals which you are capable of achieving first. Plot yourself specific time duration every day for particular tasks to be achieved. Move step by step. On achievement reward yourself. This will keep you moving and motivated towards higher goals to achieve.

Smart Goals

Examples of smart goals

S – Specific goals

M – Measurable goals

A – Action goals

R – Realistic goals

T – Time goals

Specific Goals

your goals need to be specific in terms of what you want to achieve.

Measurable goals

goals need to be measured and evaluated time to time for a guaranteed success in achieving specific goals.

Action goals

you need to ascertain that you take relevant action towards your planned goals.

Realistic goals

you need to set goals realistic in nature which you believe capable of achieving first. Achieve short term goals first and then slowly move towards long term goal step by step.

Time goals

set specific time slot for particular tasks to be done. This will help you achieve your target in an organized manner.

Goals in regard to Math

Math is a unique subject in its own way. It is all the play of numbers and logic. To ascertain true success in math set standardized goals. Count your chapters; evaluate the time and hard work each chapter requires. Plot specific time period for each chapter.  Make your-self organized and determined to practice each day for a specific period.

Math is all about practicing to master mind attaining technical heights. This makes your brain sharp and strong with the logic the numbers obtain. Achieve short term goals playing with the numbers. Revise all your chapters. Set competition for You to You. At success reward yourself who keeps you moving and motivated to attain specific goals.

The guaranteed Success

Setting technical approach/goals give a way towards the growth of an individual in an organized manner. No wonder how hard it is for you to achieve specific goals, your fire of passion continuously ignite you to achieve through the technical approach/ goals you set for yourself. These technical goals if followed act as a fuel in your journey of success.


The guaranteed Success with:



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