Integers in real life


Introduction to Integers

An integer is defined as a number with no fractional part. In other words, we can count forward and backward using integers. Going from one integer to the next is a discrete jump of one unit, with no stopping part of the way there. Integers are the numbers we get from rounding fractional numbers up or down to the nearest whole.

Types of Integers

Integers are of two types: positive and negative. On a number line or coordinate graph, positive integers are to the right of or above the zero point and negative integers are to the left or below.

Practical Uses of Integers

Integers are used in computer programming and coding, where things must be on or off, that is, 1 or 0. We call this “binary” because everything a computer does can be turned into a sequence of ones and zeroes.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 9.42.18 AM
Integers are important numbers in mathematics. They have many uses in real life as well as math class.

Integers help in computing the efficiency in positive or negative numbers in almost every field.

Integers let us know the position where one is standing.

It also helps to calculate how more or less measures to be taken for achieving better results.

Nevertheless, the intensity of real life and concerned emotions cannot be measured.

Types of Integers

Integers are of two types: positive and negative. The positive and negative integers affect the real life situations in a different way. However, the positive and negative integers affect the scientific aspects mentioned as below:

Integers in real life

Real life integers play an important role in calculating our daily activities.

Integers is not a topic to study, it works in real life situations.Real life Integers

A)  Real life integers are used to check accounts:

Two cases:

If there are sufficient funds, it represents positive numbers.

If money is overdrawn from the account, it represents negative numbers.

B)   Real life integers are used in business:

Two cases:

If there is profit, we have positive numbers.

If there is loss, we have negative numbers.

C)  Real life integers are used in calculating temperatures

Two cases:

When the temperature is above zero, it shows positive numbers

When the temperature is below zero, it shows negative numbers

D)  Real life integers can also determine healthy lifestyle

Two cases:

Calories when eaten, it represents positive numbers

Calories when burned, it represents negative numbers


Maths is numbers. Numbers are integers. Real-life situations can be calculated in integer value as well. Integer value is either positive or negative for real life situations. Positive numbers show the goodness, happiness, togetherness, and well-being whereas negative numbers show dullness, sadness, low feeling, etc.



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