How to learn Math in school

school MathHow to learn math in school

Is mathematics the gateway towards scientific and intelligent thinking? Generally the neglecting of mathematics study deviate the knowledge input, to irrelevant ends.

According to the great mathematicians, natural science could be referred to as science, if there is a mathematical focus to it. In today’s modern age, emphasis is given in science, and also technology. But mathematics is a selective science, depending on your ability to grasp the topic.

Mathematics is in fact beyond Trigonometry, and Statistical Analysis. It is mainly a path of thinking that organizes any given logic. This vast subject gives insight into the human thinking                                                                              pattern, and could provide valuable teaching and learning programs for schools everywhere in the world.

                                 Therefore the structure of mathematics to be taught should be framed very intricately,

for the different levels in school learning.


How can we learn Math?

There are so many varied methods of learning math in school. In fact, mastering the subject is very essential for better opportunities in the future. Efficiency in math working could make the child’s IQ and knowledge at a different level of thinking and reasoning.

A few interesting ways of learning math are:

Teach-MathTeach the basic facts well:

Each child must know the fundamentals of math well, and use the formulas in the real life scenarios also. The basic knowledge memorization techniques like playing, memory games, using educative cards, playing quizzes, making charts with interesting tables that make learning easy, etc. In senior school the teacher could spend more time with the weak children, and know their basic interest levels. Accordingly she could teach with relevant topic cards, playing educational scrabble or memory techniques with number games and solving difficult sums.


Do math homework diligently:

Each child gets a few sums to solve after a particular chapter is completed. But generally the homework is done by the mothers, or the teacher in tuition class, etc. The child should complete his own homework with the mother or teacher, explaining the same sums with interesting games and figures.

Learn the math vocabulary well:


Do you know how was the symbol “+” invented, or who unraveled the Pythagoras Theorem? Knowing the original facts of such questions, could make the child keen to learn math with intelligent and reasoning ability. Now this drilling of math vocabulary could be achieved through the usage of models, simplification of complex problems and theorems.

Learn through mental math:

The children should be side by side taught to do math “in their intelligence”. This is a valuable way of solving complex problems, without using the rough work column or the calculator. The school children must also be taught to use mental math in the real life situations – like calculating a market bill, knowing the money change received on purchasing an article, etc.


MathMake math learning a part of the daily routine:

Each child could be taught about a recently learnt chapter in school, by using say-the flowers offered in the worship altar, or the vegetables available in the house. After that he could draw that particular flower or vegetable and color. In this way the child gets engaged in a constructive manner, and can use logical intelligence while thinking in daily activities from childhood itself.

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