At the age of four or five parents send their child to school.  They want that the personality of the child should get modified for a better future. They also want that the child should learn new things and want that their child knowledge should increase.

They also aim that the child physical and emotional are satisfied. In school the teachers are the caretaker of the child. When a teacher gets a job in primary school they are being told that they should take of the child like a mother so that the child feels comfortable in the class and fits into the school environment.


Now comes the next step, in this the teacher introduces new subjects into the classroom. Here we will discuss about introduction of math subject in the classroom. If a solid foundation for math is laid down in the early ages then it helps the child to succeed in future.

 There is a proper procedure followed in order to introduce mathematics in class. This has been introduced by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). A proper curriculum is given which is followed by the teachers of every school.


So when the subject is started in the classroom then the teacher draws three lines on the blackboard; these are standing lines |, sleeping lines — and slanting lines /. Then the teacher sees the notebook of every student that how they are making those lines. They also help those children who are not able to write properly.

It is not a one day class the teacher continues it for few days and when the teacher feels satisfied with every child in the class that they are drawing the lines properly.


Now teacher moves to the next step. the teacher first starts with the number with standing lines and sleeping lines like 1 and 4 , the teacher writes on the notebook of every child and then ask them to write it as same as she has written. Then the teacher sees that whether the child is doing properly or not and help every child in class for the same.


The teacher not only gets it done by the child in classroom but they give it as homework to practice at home. At home parents should check out the diary of the students that what homework the child has got and then they also make the child to practice the same numbers with standing and sleeping lines like 1 and 4 and make them write again and again to get it learn properly.

Then the teachers teaches the number with slanting lines and then those numbers are taught which are with curves like 5,6,9 and 10. Usually child faces problems in  writing these numbers and both the teachers and parents make the child practice it more and more until they are satisfied that the child has learned properly.


The next things that are taught are match the numbers with the numbers, count and write etc.so this was the introductory step took in schools in order to introduce maths in the class.

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