Make your child skilled in math


Make your child skilled in mathschool Math

The best techniques of Maths Practice games


One of the best techniques of creating math relevance in the child’s mind is by testing him to an interestingly fun “Maths Practice games”.

 Now such Practice could have items directly related to math and a few general topics also.

For example, one could encourage “The Calculator Force” at the Math Practice. In this fun activity, the child who scores the highest marks in mental math could pin his sheet for reference. He could also add a few of his own TIPS for math solution in the worksheet.

Again say, the math skill can be developed by creating game of “growing a summer math garden”. Here the child could pin a recently acquired bill of house clothes, groceries etc.

Using innovative strategies for Maths

Brain-based Learning:

Depending on the brain level and quality of each child, the teacher could design books for making them grasp the math Syllabus well.

Apart from this, she could also design grade wise Math worksheets, charts, story boxes, puzzle practice etc. with the same focus in mind for Maths Practice .





Fun Playing with math:

The teacher could create a “Chess Game” ie applying the chess rules

while solving varied level of sums from the Syllabus,

in the free periods in school.

In the free periods and after the school timing, the teacher could also

allow interactive topics with a friend or parent,

to make the math work more indulging and interesting.


Fun Books in educating math


The teacher could make tailor made fun math books for every grade students.

Such books could have ways of learning the tables;

reducing mistakes in solving Math sums on BODMAS;

Book worksheets of the generally unsolved sums of the children individually;

scrap books of the topic wise worksheets, fun math activities,

Math-tests, educative economic write ups, etc.

K-12 Maths Practice

The teacher should make the math teaching more students prior innovative.

The teacher could create a new section of “ABC Books” according to Math Syllabus wherein the weak child could learn the language tools of math by repetition and interesting display.

The teacher could create a “Web Fun Time” after school for all the children, or as a part of the Syllabus.

In this time she could create say 5-6 groups depending on the class strength, and ask each grade group to review interesting website details for every math topics.

They can write up on various math topics, talking about various math games played in these websites, and also perhaps create a new innovative Math website for the class.

Motivating with the “free Math practice”

The teacher could create a flexible classroom environment,

where in the child is free to share his idea of solving a sum,

creating new workshops Math and thinking about fun math for learning,

suggesting a few good books for math reading, etc.

Practice of the math basics like signs, numerals,

theorems, the difficult sums can make your child skilled at Math.

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