Common Core – Advantages and Disadvantages


Common Core Standards are popular and prevalent in most educational institutions these days. However, some experts in the education industry feel that it could be several years before its impact is felt on education and schools. Others think that the shift towards Common Core learning will be revolutionary. This debate is likely to continue for many years, as the media goes on evaluating the significance of Common Core learning.

On that note, let’s dig a little deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of Common Core Standards.

Let’s talk about the advantages first.

1) Being internationally benchmarked, Common Core Standards are in par with the education standards of other nations. Education standard in the United States, for example, has decreased considerably in the last few years. By implementing internationally benchmarked standards, the ranking is most likely to go up.

2) Common Core Standards ensure regularized test scores with more accuracy. Previously, each state in the US had their own methods of assessments and their own standards. Due to different standards and assessment methods across different states, it was difficult to compare one state’s result with the other. On the other hand, by having common standards and assessment methods, it would be easy to compare the results of different states.

3) Common Core Standards can significantly reduce the costs paid by different states for test development, reporting, and scoring. Implementing Common Core Standard will make way for Standardized Testing; so the costs can be split between the states.

4) There will be more rigor in classrooms, which will help students prepare better for higher education and overall global work success. This is perhaps the primary reason for the creation of Common Core Standards. In other words, Common Core can help students face the challenges in life after high school.


5) Common Core supporters believe that student assessments will be more authentic and the overall learning experience of a child is likely to be better. Its multi-assessment models will enable teachers to assess how a student has progressed across different curricula.

6) A student in New York should be studying the same lessons as that of a student in Arkansas. This means students who move regularly to different places are likely to be benefitted.

Like any other new developments, Common Core Standards are not without its share of disadvantages. Some of them are jotted below for you.

1) Initially, it would be difficult for teachers and students to adjust themselves to the transition. Both teachers and students will see a new standard and method of teaching and learning. Make no mistake, Common Core Standards is not about instant results; it is about slow progress.

2) Many believe that Common Core Standards may cause prolific teachers and administrators to choose another career. They complain that several veteran teachers may give up rather than adapting to the new teaching methods. Critics also think that the amount of stress involved in preparing students to perform in Common Core Standards will cause burnout among teachers.

3) Common Core Standards may be broad and vague. Initially, the standards may not be specific although there will be more clarity as assessments come to an end.

4) With Common Core Standards, younger students may have to learn more, at a faster pace. This means, early childhood education standards may be more rigid, requiring higher level thinking skills.

5) Many textbooks used today may become obsolete when Common Core Standards are actively implemented. That also means it’s going to be a pricy affair for education centers, as they have to start adopting new materials that are Common Core ready.

6) Schools must be prepared to face the expenses incurred to update the technology required for Common Core Assessment. As most of the assessments have to be made online, schools need to have enough number of computers, so that they can assess their student’s work on time.

There are several myths and misconceptions about Common Core Standards. Without doubt, Common Core Standards have its fair share of criticism. The new standards were created for the good and one can only hope and pray that they go well with the public.




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