10 signs your child is struggling with math


One major difference between successful businessmen and others is that successful businessmen are good with numbers. Actually they are pretty good with numbers. One reason your child might just not become a successful businessman is that he is afraid of numbers. And Math is all about numbers. As your child grows, Math gets tougher and tougher. Let’s delve deeper into why your child is afraid of Math.

Here are 10 signs that show if your child is struggling with Math.

1) Grades in other subjects are constant or increasing but grades are lagging in Math: This clearly shows that Math is their weakness. They are not dullards but their grades in Math are not at par with their grades in other subjects

2) Poor memory for numbers: This hints that they’re unable to recall numbers. Remembering numbers is not only important but also essential when dealing with any financial transaction. And life without finance (rather finance management) is like a boat without oars.

3) Trouble in recognizing numbers: Your child might be confused between the letter S and number 5, letter O and number 0, or numbers 6 and 9, etc. They somehow have trouble in differentiating between numbers and/or letters.

4) Getting “bored” with Math: Math is an intrinsically curious subject. The more you’re afraid of it, the more it will haunt you and the more you love Math, the more it will help you. Getting bored in Math is a clear sign that your child likes something else more than Math.

5) Is afraid of Math quiz or test: A quiz or test evaluates the performance of a student. If your child is afraid of it then he surely isn’t performing well or hasn’t prepared well and hence needs some attention on this front.

6) Difficulty in finding various approaches or methods to a same problem: Finding various approaches to a same problem is the sign of a calculative person. If your child grapples with that, then he isn’t really thinking from various angles, which is one of the basic requirements of Math.

7) Confused when he sees too many numbers at a time: If your child gets confused when he sees too many numbers at a time like, a restaurant bill, a balance sheet, some statistical data, etc. then he’s living in a world where numbers are merely numbers and do not signify any meaningful data.

8) Reluctant to do Math sums without even trying them: If your child avoids Math sums or makes petty excuses without even trying them, then he’s stopping his mind to develop fully and properly.

9) Doesn’t reveal report card: If your child hides his report card or lies that he hasn’t received it, then there is some problem with his grades in his subjects, perhaps, in Math.

10) Cannot follow steps to solve simple Math problem: Every Math problem can be solved in a particular fashion and if your child doesn’t follow steps to solve them then he is not systematically doing Math problems.

Keep a check on your child and if you find any of the above signs then be alert. We have discussed in another post about “How to motivate children to learn Math“. This might give you ideas on how to help your child.

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