6 Great YouTube Channels for Learning Math


Math students benefit from a highly skilled teacher. How fortunate to now live in a world where such teachers are widely available through YouTube! Even with a great math teacher, sometimes it is helpful to hear another explanation of a concept from a teacher with a slightly different approach. Here are six channels to explore:

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a comprehensive educational website with video content on science and history as well as mathematics. Study anything from arithmetic through calculus and physics with help from highly-skilled teachers. This site includes probability and statistics, chemistry, and more. See the problems worked on a board as they are explained.

Ten Marks
Ten Marks includes lesson preparation resources for teachers as well as lessons and homework help for students. Problems are worked on lined “paper” as the teacher explains. Videos about motivating and encouraging students are also included in this channel.

Mathademics has simple lessons with minimal distractions for more basic math skills. While the math is sound, some of the video titles are not the most searchable, e.g. “Chapter 7 Review” doesn’t help the person looking for fractions or factoring.

The Video Math Tutor
If you are looking to mix things up a bit, try the Video Math Tutor for a humorous twist on math skills. Find brain teasers and math jokes as well as math lessons. This site includes video instructions on using Casio brand graphing calculators, wonderful if you are one who prefers them to the TI brand referenced in most math textbooks. Students also get to see the teacher in most videos and not just a hand!

Math TV
For math at the college or advanced high school level, MathTV puts a friendly face (literally) on precalculus skills and beyond. A calm, smiling teacher works the problems. Lessons on study skills are also included for general help in any class.

Numberphile offers unusual math facts and presents concepts in a “cool” way. This is not hard to do because there are a lot of amazing things to see in the world of math! A variety of teachers present real world applications of math, such as using math to fix a wobbly table. This is an appealing site for students who wonder if they will “ever use this stuff.”

Enjoy using these video tools yourself, or refer a struggling student to these helpful sites.


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