8 Helpful Blogs for Homeschool Moms

Great friends

The mother who teaches at home need not feel alone in her efforts. The Internet is full of blogs that can encourage a homeschool mom or help her solve specific problems with teaching and learning. Start with these eight:

The Homeschool Mom
The Homeschool Mom is a blog and library of homeschooling articles. Planning is stressed, along with creative writing (including a calendar of writing prompts to help when you have no ideas left) and record keeping. Handy tabs at the top direct you to pages for your needs: new homeschoolers, high school, curriculum reviews, etc.

Living and Learning at Home
Living and Learning at Home takes a classical approach to education. There is an entire section devoted to copywork, a technique advocated by Charlotte Mason. Other resources are divided by state of the Trivium: grammar, logic/dialectic, and rhetoric.

I’m Unschooled
I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write blog is written by an adult who was unschooled. Parents who unschool (let children learn naturally and follow their interests) will be encouraged by this young writer. The blog answers burning questions such as “What about College?”

Unschool Rules
Unschool Rules is a window into the life of one creative family. Follow their interests in theatre, 4-H, great books, and much more. Unschooling does not mean doing nothing! More traditional teachers can get some ideas to mix things up too.

BJU Press
For moms who prefer the structure and security of textbooks, BJU Press offers plenty of support, including this helpful blog. Posts about keeping kids safe on the internet, using technology, and understanding a scope and sequence are just a few of the things you will find on this site from the fundamental Christian publisher.

Ron Paul Homeschooling
Ron Paul Homeschooling has a blog to support those using the self-teaching curriculum put together by its namesake. Moms and dads who want to nurture thoughtful children and future entrepreneurs will find support here with a libertarian flavor.

Laughing at Chaos
For moms dealing with the joys and challenges of gifted children, Laughing at Chaos says you are not alone! Honest posts display one family’s real-life struggles and victories for your encouragement.

My Sweet Homeschool
My Sweet Homeschool offers help for teaching children with special needs – from a mom who understands. Find resources such as speech therapy information here, along with a “you can do it” pat on the back from a friend.

Enjoy these blogs and enjoy the homeschool journey with your own children/students.


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