8 Tools for Math Class

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Math teaching is more effective and enjoyable with the right classroom tools. Try these eight for starters:

Whiteboard Compass

Circles are one of the most useful geometric shapes in the math classroom. Draw perfect circles for pie charts, polar coordinates, or Venn diagrams. Simply insert a dry-erase marker in the foot-long tool, set to desired radius, and draw. Use a regular marker for drawing on art paper, too.

TrigTrainer Function Generator

Combine a unit circle with a moveable arm and you have a wonderful tool for illustrating how trigonometric functions change as an angle rotates around the circle. Just set the dial to your angle measurement in degrees or radians and find the sine, cosine, and tangent.

Foam Blocks

Check out the preschool toys for foam blocks that can also work in a geometry class. These blocks are quiet on desks and let students see concepts like volume and surface area.

Drafting Tools

A draftsman’s T-square, right triangles, compass, and dividers can make a lesson on parallel lines or right angles more hands-on. Let students use the full-sized tools on art paper or get an inexpensive geometry kit for each student’s use. Magnetic drafting tools are available for whiteboard use.

Printable Graph Paper

When you need special paper for showing polar coordinates, go online and print polar graph paper, orthographic grids, or conventional graph paper in a variety of scales.

Pattern Blocks

These color-coded plastic or wooden polygons are a teacher-tested tool for teaching geometry to preschoolers and up.

Cuisenaire Rods

These colorful rods have different lengths to illustrate units in math. Let students see that 10 unit rods equal 1 tens rod. Use for adding and subtracting and much more.

Math Worksheets

Worksheets can be focused to target a particular skill for drill or review. The website, iPracticeMath has a well-organized collection of these tools for your classroom.

Use these tools to be even more effective with students.



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