Homework Tips for Parents

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Homework time is a major source of stress in some families. Here are some tips for optimizing homework time so students and families can prosper and harmony in the home can continue.

  • Provide a space for homework to take place. Your student needs a desk or table space for writing as well as proper lighting to prevent eyestrain. If space is limited, get a laptop desk. Some lap desks include a handy storage compartment for pencils and other supplies.
  • Keep a stash of office supp!ies in the house. You do not want homework delayed while you run to the store for graph paper or colored pencils.
  • Eliminate or minimize distractions. Take phones and games to recharge during study time. Turn off the television. If music or earplugs help your child, go with what works for them. Perhaps parents could also use this time for reading or other quiet work, setting an example for the child.
  • Remember homework is a student responsibility. Answer an occasional question, but give your student the chance to struggle and reason out problems independently as much as possible.
  • If the student consistently seems to have hours of homework or great difficulty, schedule a conference with teachers to understand the problem. Develop a game plan to address problems with comprehension, organization, or processing speed.

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