6 Top Websites for Teaching Algebra

Learn Algebra Concept Hand Drawn on Chalkboard.

Even seasoned classroom teachers and tutors need a little help at times. Check out these online resources for fresh practice exercises or extra help for struggling students. They may also help with students who are ready for more challenges than their textbook presents.

  1. ipracticemath.com is a multipurpose math website with excellent algebra resources. Practice problems for concepts such as simplifying expressions, working with polynomials, and remembering order of operations are available. There are also links to practical applications of algebra and other resources.
  2. Helpteaching is useful for creating quizzes, tests, and review worksheets. Search the database of questions by topic and/or grade level. Add your own questions too. Save tests and answer keys for reuse.
  3. Kutasoftware.com is a well organized site with ready-to-use worksheets for a variety of algebra skills. Answer keys are available for teacher convenience.
  4. Algebra basics at Khan Academy is a site many find helpful. It includes all algebra topics in typical public school curricula. Videos are available as well as a large selection of practice problems.
  5. Math.com bills itself as “the world of math, online.” Each algebra unit includes several topics followed by a unit quiz. There is also an algebra worksheet generator for creating custom worksheets.
  6. Coolmath has a colorful home page listing most algebra topics. Click on a topic to find a page of resources. Math exercises include cool graphic art for visual excitement. Spice up review with this colorful resource.


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