How to Help Children Develop Strong Computer Skills

Focused kids looking at laptop computer

Computers, used properly, are powerful tools. Teach children when and how to use computers.

The Right Tool for the Task

Introduce students to a variety of software applications, including g spreadsheets, word processing and graphics. Be sure they learn that computers are not substitutes for their own thinking skills and creativity, but are tools to help them communicate their ideas and research. Teach about graphs, charts, and slides and how to use each effectively.

Deal with Information Overload

Help students avoid being overwhelmed. Teach them to use focused searches to find needed information without irrelevant extras. Teach them to recognize authoritative sources and ignore click bait pages. A librarian can help teach kids about safe and productive searching of databases and other online resources.

Teach About Logic and Procedures

Logic is an important part of a classical education. It is not just for programmers. Students can learn basic Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. Also, give students practice writing procedures. Think through the steps required in a simple task, such as making a sandwich. Students can write procedures, then try to follow them exactly to see what they missed.

In Conclusion

Many important computer skills are really general thinking skills, applicable to many tasks. Better thinkers use computers more effectively and good computer users become better thinkers as they wisely apply their technical skills.



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