6 Trends to Watch in Elementary Education

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  1. The massive influx of public school students coming from homes without English fluency is requiring resources to be diverted to ESL and bilingual instruction. Teachers are in need of resources to handle students with wider ranges of language skills than ever in a single classroom. Expect a growing market for teachers fluent in more than one language.
  2. Robotics is becoming a popular vehicle for introducing STEM concepts to students in ever younger grade levels. The growth and success of programs such as First LEGO League competitions is encouraging more students to participate and possibly pursue STEM studies in secondary school and college.
  3. Online learning and other alternative education options continue to grow, and their growth encourages the development of better support products, both digital and analog. Online academies, tutoring franchises, and homeschooling all show continued growth.
  4. Neuroscience is informing educators like never before. As scientists learn more about how the brain works, educators can adapt learning environments ant tools for all students. Education can conform to what is known about brain development. This trend can benefit both neurotypical and special needs students – gifted, dyslexic, autistic, etc.
  5. Technology has progressed to make it practical for students to have individual tablets or computers with customized curriculum and resources. Many schools have a goal of one student per device.
  6. Data collection is a trend to watch. With so much technology and testing, schools and families need to communicate clearly about exactly what data is to be collected, how that data is relevant to education, and how student privacy and security is protected. Anyone concerned about civil liberties and/or identity theft will be sure to watch this trend.

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