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12 Fun Summer Learning Activities for Kids

lachende Kinder auf der Wiese

Summer is the perfect time for unstructured learning. Without homework and testing, kids get a chance to follow their passion or explore different activities (possibly finding their passion along the way.) Here are twelve ideas to get the learning started. Visit the NASA website. The NASA Kids’ Club is filled with coloring sheets, games, and ideas for space-related fun. Don’t […]

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Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses


Learning is a never-ending process of failure and growth. A student will never learn if they are never challenged. Track your student’s progress with iPracticeMath progress reports. These reports list all their test and worksheet scores, and identifies what areas of math they are strongest and weakest in. All of this data is compiled so that the student can recognize […]

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Reward your child’s hard work


Math is a disliked and difficult subject among most, causing students to become frustrated and give up on their math studies. Positive reinforcement is an effective way to boost your children’s confidence and grow their desire to participate in math. iPracticeMath is there to end the frustration and change the negative mindset that goes into studying math by awarding students. […]

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Practice Makes Perfect


Math.  A subject that eludes many of us in our early years, and even in our adult life.  It requires discipline, persistence, and structure to be good enough to pass successfully, which is why we provide practice, worksheets, and other creative ways to educate the young ones in your life. When we started our company, we set out to create […]

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Practical Math Skills – Shopping


An estimated 1.5 to 2 million children are now receiving their education at home in the United States. Decades ago, parents went to jail for teaching their own children. Thanks to more enlightened laws today, many families are able to choose among several educational options for their children without risking jail time. Public, charter, and private schools now compete with […]

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