LET’S INTRODUCE MATHS IN THE CLASS. At the age of four or five parents send their child to school.  They want that the personality of the child should get modified for a better future. They also want that the child should learn new things and want that their child knowledge should increase. They also aim that the child physical and emotional are satisfied. In school the teachers are the caretaker of the child. When a teacher gets a job in primary school they are being told that they should take of the child like a mother so that the child feels comfortable in the class and fits into the school environment. CREATE A GOOD CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT  Now comes the next step, in this the teacher introduces new subjects into the classroom. Here we will discuss about introduction of math subject in the classroom. If a solid foundation for math is laid down in the early ages then it helps the child to succeed in future.  There is a proper procedure followed in order to introduce mathematics in class. This has been introduced by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). A proper curriculum is given which is followed by the teachers of every school. SETTING AN EFFECTIVE CURRICULUM FOR MATH LEARNING So when the subject is started in the classroom then the teacher draws three lines on the blackboard; these […]

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