Role of Compulsory Mathematics of the Yesteryears

What ought to be, what ought not to be What ought to be, what ought not to be, that has remained the question. In the times of the past whence school goers relied on compulsory bookish education going by the pre-formed standards, the difficulty level of mathematics was average. However, as the times are changing the difficulty level has increased to slightly higher than average and mathematics has become the subject where students can now score a full 100 per cent.  The reasons might vary The reasons might vary. They come from households where parents have studied till graduation levels. They are taught by mentors at home apart from what they are being taught at school. They study mathematics like grammar, and with patience and practice they tend to calculate automatically. Whether it is the use of left brain logic that makes them perfect or their willpower to outdo their own results, students of today are learning faster.  More Math at

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